Wrist/Palm Rest CombiRest Uplift

Maintains straight wrist postures also when using a mouse - by means of a special Raised Mouse Mat
Wrist rest

Raised Mouse Mat comes with the product.

Wrist rest

Raised Mouse Mat placed right-handed.

Wrist rest

Raised Mouse Mat placed left-handed.

Wrist rest

Combirest Uplift in use as an ergonomic corner piece.

Wrist rest

Combirest Uplift on chair arms.

Wrist rest
Wrist rest

Raised Mouse Mat maintains straight wrist postures in mouse use for all mouse designs, vertical and other.

Ergonomic Benefits


  • The support provided by the Wrist/Palm Rest helps to reduce carpal tunnel symptoms, tingling, numbness or coldness in the hands. The rest helps to maintain straight wrist postures both during keystroke and periods of inactivity, by avoidance of bent wrist postures.

  • The CombiRest and Raised Mouse Mat together also do the same when using the mouse, and during periods of inactivity.

  • The wrist/palm rest of CombiRest Uplift gives the best possible support: neither too hard nor too soft, thus avoiding the formation of creases under the wrist, which could hinder easy wrist movements.

  • The coating of the metal baseplate is matt, thus avoiding disturbing reflections.

  • The baseplate allows one to changing one’s position, because the keyboard and mouse can be held alternatively on the desk top, on the chair arms or on the lap. Changes of posture every now and then are ergonomically advantageous.

Important ergonomic hints

Thanks to its correct ergonomic design, the CombiRest Uplift should actually be called 'a palm rest' instead of the widely used term 'wrist rest'. (We haven't dropped the term 'wrist rest' because people would otherwise not easily find our product and instructions.) 

When typing, you should support your palms or heels of the hand, but not your wrist, on the rest. If you support your wrist on the rest then the pressure underneath your wrist may decrease the blood flow and compress the carpal tunnel. 

Without a wrist/palm rest, in periods of 
inactivity you would tend to lay your hands on the desk, keeping the fingers on the keyboard  - which leads to bad bent wrist postures. This becomes even worse if you rest your wrists on the desk edge. The best thing to do is to use the rest to support your palms but not your wrists.

Other benefits


  • Additional space is gained on the desktop when the CombiRest Uplift is placed to fill desk corners. As a corner piece, CombiRest Uplift is also remarkable because the wrist/palm rest and mouse mat are included in the price.

  • CombiRest Uplift comes with Raised Mouse Mat.

  • Suitable for both for left- and right-handed users – the mouse mat can be placed on either side.

  • The raised mouse mat combined with the rest gives better support and reduces the pressure on the wrist because the pressure is spread over a larger area.

Environmentally-friendly materials

  • The wooden board used under the padding is made of FSC certified material. The Forest Stewardship Council certificate means that the wood has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

  • The steel plate is fully recyclable. The powder coating of plate emits zero or near zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Technical specification



Wrist rest

Mouse Mat

Anti-slip pads

Outer dimensions of baseplate 700 x 275 mm
Palm/wrist rest 700 x 95 x 8 mm
Mouse Mat 180 x 220 mm

Powder coated steel, matt coating

Covered with fabric (alternatively covered with artificial leather)

Of raised special type, placed optionally on both right or left side

Under the baseplate to hinder sliding on the  desktop


Product code

12108 Wrist/Palm Rest CombiRest Uplift on baseplate, fabric cover (alternative with artificial leather cover: 12109)

wrist rest = palm rest

Handgelenkstütze = Handflächenstütze

handledsstöd = handstöd