Saddle Chair - Saddlex

For ergonomic sitting to encourage muscles work by obliging a correct sitting position.

Ergonomic Benefits

  • Ergonomic saddle-form seat

  • This chair obliges one to maintain a correct sitting position that benefits the muscles.

  • The seat is soft for comfortable sitting, whilst at the same time reducing pressure points to make circulation easier

  • The seat nose is low to minimize pressure on the genital area

  • Forward seat-tiliting comes as standard, the tilting is stepless and lockable in any position;

  • The gas-spring height-adjustment is user-selected to best suit personal comfort

Other benefits


  • High-quality leatherette cover is very durable. For example, scratching with a hard object leaves almost no visible trace.

  • Lightweight, nearly half that of many  other saddle chairs, making moving easy

Technical specification



Gas springs

Height adjustment





Maximum sitting weight



Depending on gas spring

-XS: 5.8 kg

-S: 6.35 kg

-M: 6.55 kg

-L: 6.85 kg

Dia. 60 cm, polished aluminium

Comply with TÜV, DIN and BIFMA norms

43-53 cm, 52-69 cm, 53-74 cm or 62-87 cm depending on gas spring length

40 x 33 cm, tilting forward as standard, high-quality leatherette cover; very durable, stands up well to scratching and detergents containing alcohol

Dia. 60 mm, for hard floors as standard

Also available 

- dia. 65 mm castors for soft floors

- floor caps


150 kg


2 years

Guidance for choosing gas spring length

User height:

Under 150 cm

150-160 cm

160-180 cm

over 180 cm

Seat height:

43-53 cm

52-69 cm

53-74 cm

62-87 cm

Gas spring:





The seat front is low to minimize pressure to the genital areas.

Saddlex with back rest

saddle chair



Seat with red fabric cover

Seat with black fabric cover

Castors and Floor Caps                                                                    


16001.07       Castors for hard and soft floor

                      As standard        

16001.08       Self-braking castors 

                      for hard and soft floor.

                      Locked when unloaded.

16001.09       Self-braking castors        

                      for hard and soft floor.

                      Locked when loaded.

16001.06      Floor Caps                                         grey-black                                                                                    

Dia.      Colour   


65 mm     grey- black        


50 mm     grey-black



50 mm     grey-black


Product codes

16007XS Saddlex, height adjustment 43-53 cm

16007S Saddlex, height adjustment 52-69 cm

16007M Saddlex, height adjustment 53-74 cm

16007L Saddlex, height adjustment 62-87 cm



16027 Back rest
  • Comes with mounting parts
  • Height adjustment
16030-06 Seat Cover of fabric, black
  • Relieves sweating
16030-01 Seat Cover of fabric, red
  • Relieves sweating
  • Makes colour change of seat possible
16017 Foot Rest Ring
  • chromed ring
Saddlex with Foot Rest

High-quality durable leatherette withstands well, for example, scratching with hard object