Programmable Ergonomic Mouse NEWTRAL 3, Semi-vertical, Wireless

Wireless semi-vertical mouse with extra-large palm support, programmable buttons and choice of three sizes

Ergonomic benefits


The very successful previous model has been improved in many details and the mouse is now even more comfortable to use.


  • The mouse design sloping down from the forefinger to the little finger reduces the undesirable wrist and forearm pronation.

  • The deep hollow for the thumb lets the thumb rest comfortably in it.

  • Users can choose between three different sizes to optimize the suitability. Besides, there is a model for left-handed users.

  • The extra-large palm support removes rubbing of the little finger and the heel of the hand against the desk. The palm support is attached magnetically but is easily detachable for those who prefer not to use it.

  • The large palm support also reaches up under the wrist, bringing ergonomic benefits

  • The palm rest also supports the wrist in such a manner that the mouse can be moved by the forearm alone instead of the wrist. This means that the movements come from the shoulder area, thus increasing circulation in the whole of the upper arm. The consequent reduction in wrist movements relieves stress in the forearm. Moreover, since the palm is supported the wrist is not strained by carrying the weight of the forearm.

There are three sizes of Newtral 3: small, medium and large, plus a left-handed model.

Newtral 3 with palm support, magnetic attachment

Other benefits


  • People allergic to rubber can use Newtral mice without fear. There is no latex or rubber in them.

  • Programmable buttons: 6 buttons are programmable according to the needs of the user

    Users can select from a wide range of actions or even programme their own Hot Key combinations and assign them to any of the 6 buttons. The driver can store up to 5 complete pre-programmed profiles. Additional options include those of customising the pre-set DPI settings and changing the polling rate.



Ergonomic mouse

Newtral 3 with palm support detached

Connection to PC         Wireless, 2.4 GHz

Transmission                Up to 10m

Sizes                              3 right-handed:

                                       small, medium and large

                                      1 left-handed: medium

Buttons (6)                    Left and right click, middle click/scroll                                               wheel, back and forward clicks for thumb

Programming                All 6 buttons broggrammable; driver                                                 installation is needed to program the

                                       button functions, and is only compatible                                           with Windows

Resolution                     Adjustable: 800, 1600 or 2400 DPI by                                               DPI-button

                                       Preset DPI settings can be customized                                             by driver (only compatible with Windows)

Installation                    Plug-and-play

Guarantee                     3 years

Rubber allergy              There's no rubber or latex on the surface                                          so the mice can be used by rubber                                                    allergic people

Ergonomic mouse

The mouse design sloping down from the forefinger to the little finger reduces the undesirable wrist and forearm pronation.


  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or newer

  • Mac OS 9+ or newer

  • Linux

Product codes


11081 Semi-vertical mouse Newtral 3, right, wireless, small

11080 Semi-vertical mouse Newtral 3, right, wireless, medium

11082 Semi-vertical mouse Newtral 3, right, wireless, big

11083 Semi-vertical mouse Newtral 3, left, wireless, medium

11085 Semi-vertical mouse Newtral 3, right, wired, medium

Newtral 3 seen from the front

Click here to download the driver for Newtral 3 Mouse Wireless Right Handed Version (3 sizes)

Click here to download the driver for Newtral 3 Mouse Wired Right Handed Version

Click here to download the driver for Newtral 3 Mouse Left Handed Wireless Version

Password to open zip-file: 1234


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