Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT

Maintains straight wrist posture when used with Forearm Rest or Wrist/Palm Rest

Ergonomic mouse mat

There are two heights of UPLIFT to better suite for each case.

Ergonomic Benefits

  • UPLIFT raises hand to ergonomically better position, avoiding the wrist from bending down from Forearm and Wrist/Palm Rest.

  • Raised Mouse Mats must not be exactly as high as Forearm Rest or Wrist/Palm Rest. First, both types of padded Rests give in under arms and hands. Secondly, the grip on mice is a bit higher than their bottoms against Mouse Mats.

  • Two heights available to better suite each case.

Technical specification



Rubber allergy

18 x 22 cm

non-slip material

materials are safe for rubber allergic people

Ergonomic mouse mat

Product codes

11200 Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT, 11 mm high
11201 Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT, 18 mm high

UPLIFT in use with Forearm Rest. See the difference between usual mouse mat and UPLIFT mouse mat: UPLIFT avoids wrist bending.

Ergonomic mouse mat

UPLIFT with wrist/palm rest. See the difference between usual mouse mat and UPLIFT.