Laptop Stand SlimCool

Cool and wide in use but ultra-slim for easy carrying thanks to its extraordinary telescopic construction

Ergonomic Benefits

  • Laptop users are usually exposed to a health risk due to the proximity of the screen and keyboard. To avoid unhealthy hunching over the device it is ergonomically advisable to put the laptop on a stand, place the stand forward on the desk and use a separate keyboard nearer to the user.

  • In the above manner the user can also adjust the screen higher to ensure a better upright sitting posture.

  • The use of a separate keyboard enables one to place a document holder in the ergonomically ideal place, between the screen and the keyboard. The use of a document holder becomes indispensible if documents on the laptop keyboard hide too much of the screen.

Other benefits

  • Height is adjustable in 6 positions for viewing comfort.

  • Also suitable as a stand for laptop computers and e-book readers.

  • Combined non-slip support for laptop and documents. 

Most unique benefits of SlimCool

  • Ultra slim, easily portable. Only 18.2 cm in width when folded.

  • Openings in the laptop base allow maximum air circulation to keep the laptop itself cool.

  • Adjustable width thanks to its telescopic side-bar design. Provides sturdy support for laptops of various sizes

  • The carrying case is made of neoprene, which gives it the same classic protection against damage as most tablet carrying cases – which are often made of the same material.

Technical specification



Max. load



W x H 182 – 275 x 252 mm

550 g

30 kg



Product code

13106 Laptop Stand SlimCool

laptop holder = laptop stand  = notebook stand = notebook holder