HANDY Forearm Rests

Far superior ergonomic support to wrist/palm rests
Forearm rest

HANDY Forearm Rests give support to the whole arm and are therefore ergonomically superior to wrist rests that support only the wrists

12000 Forearm Rest HANDY, large

12100 Forearm Rest HANDY,  small

12022M Forearm Rest HANDY RollerMouse Red

Standard attachments are easy to use also for HANDY RollerMouse Red

12023M Forearm Rest HANDY for RollerMouse Free 3

Ergonomic Benefits


  • HANDY Forearm Rests are ergonomically far superior to wrist rests because they give support to the whole arm, not only to the wrist.


  • Thanks to the centre hollows of the forearm rests, pregnant women find PC work much more comfortable using Forearm Rests than by needing to stretch out to support their arms on a desk.

Other benefits

  • Padding makes the rests more comfortable than hard surfaces

  • Additional desk space is gained since the rests are not integral with the desktops. HANDY can also be attached to fill desk corners

  • Quick and easy attachment to desks - no tools necessary

  • Attachable to all typical desktops, as well as to desks with frames beneath the edges – the attachment bows go under the frame

  • HANDY can be adjusted to both horizontal and inclined positions

  • Handy Forearm Rest is space-saving, easy to install and fits all desks.

Environment-friendly materials

  • The wooden board used under the padding is made of FSC certified material. The Forest Stewardship Council certificate means that wood has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

  • The steel of the attachment bows is fully recyclable. The powder coating of the attachment bows emits zero or near-zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Product codes


12000 Forearm Rest HANDY, large - 670 x 230 x 20 mm

12002 Forearm Rest HANDY, medium - 560 x 230 x 20 mm

12100 Forearm Rest HANDY, small - 190 x 220 x 20 mm

12022M Forearm Rest HANDY RollerMouse Red - 610 x 255 x 20 mm

12023M Forearm Rest HANDY for RollerMouse Free 3, - 630 x 230 x 20 mm

12025M Forearm Rest HANDY asymmetric -  670 x 220 x 20 mm

12050 Forearm Rest HANDY, adjustable halves - 680-780 x 230 x 20mm


11201 Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT 16 mm high

forearm rest = arm rest = forearm support = arm support

Armauflage = Tischlehne

underarmstöd = armstöd

12025M Forearm Rest HANDY asymmetric


Forearm Rest HANDY 12050 with adjustable halves

Two alternative attachments: standard bow-type and Z attachment

Attachment of forearm rests

UPLIFT in use with Forearm Rest. See the difference between usual mouse mat and UPLIFT mouse mat: UPLIFT avoids wrist bending.