Folder and Document Stand BINDOC

For placing folders in ideal ergonomic position

Ergonomic Benefits

  • When used in connection with computer work Bindoc can be placed in the ideal ergonomic position between the screen and keyboard, permitting the eyes to scan in a straight line from the keyboard to Bindoc to the screen, thus minimizing sideways movements of the head and eyes.

  • By using Bindoc you are more likely to read documents in a non-hunched position, with your back straight, than when documents are on the desk.

  • Both of the above benefits will result in a reduction of eye and neck fatigue.

Office supplies can be kept in the middle hollow.

Bindoc with Folder_lo-res.jpg

Usual folder on Bindoc.

Other benefits

  • Suitable for both usual folders and fork mechanism folders thanks to its hollow design in the middle.

  • Can also be used as a Document Stand that takes two A4 documents side by side.

  • Office supplies can be kept in the middle hollow to save desktop space.


375 x 260 mm

Bindoc with Folder_lo-res.jpg

Fork mechanism folder on Bindoc.

Bindoc with Document_lo-res.jpg

Bindoc as a Document Stand.

Product code


13010 Folder and Document Stand BINDOC


13007 Side Extension Plate

  • The Side Extension Plate (370 x 260 mm) makes it possible to place up to three A4 documents on the document stand. Attaches easily without tools.

13008 Magnet line Guide

  • The sliding line guide with an extra-powerful magnet comes in handy when Bindoc is used as a Document Stand. The line guide can be placed on either side so it suits both right- and left-handed people.

folder stand


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