Document and Folder Stand SlimCool

Stylish light-weight stand of aluminium

Ergonomic Benefits

  • When you read a document lying on a desk you tend to hunch over the document. This posture brings big strain on the neck and shoulder which in turn may cause pain and possibly worse disease on the longer run. By using SlimCool you are more likely to read documents in a non-hunched position, with your back straight.

  • When used in connection with computer work SlimCool can be placed in the ideal ergonomic position between the screen and keyboard, permitting the eyes to scan in a straight line from the keyboard to SlimCool to the screen, thus minimizing sideways movements of the head and eyes.

  • Both of the above benefits will result in a reduction of eye and neck fatigue.

Other benefits

  • Height is adjustable in 6 positions for viewing comfort.

  • Ultra slim, easily portable. Only 18.2 cm in width when folded. 

  • Adjustable width thanks to its telescopic side-bar design.​

  • The carrying case is made of neoprene and can be used also as a mouse mat.

SlimCool as document stand

SlimCool as folder stand


SlimCool can be used also as a Laptop Stand, Tablet Stand and Book Rest for printed books and e-book readers. See corresponding web pages.

Technical specification



Max. load



W x H 182 – 275 x 252 mm

550 g

30 kg



Product code

13106 Document and Folder Stand SlimCool

SlimCool from behind

Only 182 mm wide folded up

Adjustable width

Max load 30 kg