Book Rest SlimCool

Ergonomic Benefits

​When reading a book, a printed one or an e-book, with the book lying flat on the table there is a natural tendency to hunch over the book. This posture places strain on reader's neck and shoulders which can result in pain and potentially more serious posture issues in the long run.

  • Putting your book on SlimCool with an inclination adjustment for viewing comfort lifts your book off the table, allowing you to read with a straighter back.

  • SlimCool is lightweight (only 550 g) to handle and carry with

SlimCool Book_hi-res.jpg

Other benefits

  • Inclination is adjustable in 6 positions for viewing comfort.

  • Also suitable as a stand for laptop computers and tablets

Most unique benefits of SlimCool

  • The unique width adjustment enabled by the telescopic side bar design.

  • Ultra slim, easily portable. Only 18.2cm in width when folded.

  • Openings in the SlimCool base allow maximum air circulation to keep the e-book cool.

  • The carrying case is made of neoprene, which gives it  good protection against damage and helps SlimCool not to scratch other objects in same briefcase or bag.


This product works excellently also with laptops and tablets. Read more here and here.

Technical specification



Max. load



W x H 182 – 275 x 252 mm

550 g

30 kg



Product code

13106 Book Rest SlimCool