Back Support LUMBARFIT Inflatable

Optimal personal suitability for supporting the lumbar region
Back support
Pump for Back support

Pump stored out of sight and hung on a strap behind the chair.

Back support for car

back support = lumbar support = back rest

Rückenstütze = Kreuzstütze = Rückkisse = Sitzkisse

svankstöd = ryggstöd

Back support for car

Ergonomic Benefits

  • Adjustable in size and height for optimal personal suitability

  • Inflatable size adjustment to suit the chair design and to provide the best possible lumbar support for the user.

  • Height adjustable with a securing elastic Velcro strap​

Other benefits

  • Comfortable cover of plush velour – detachable and washable

  • Ideal for use in the office, car and elsewhere – easily portable

  • The pump can be stored out of sight and hung on the strap behind the chair back.

Technical specification



Hand pump

Fabric cover

Securing strap

42 x 24 cm

(deflated - inflated) 1-12 cm

Metal valve

Hose 38 cm

Detachable for washing under 40°C 

Elastic velcro 

Product code


16100 Lumbar Support LUMBARFIT, inflatable, with Hand Pump






16105 Extension Strap 1m

+ Double-sided Velcro strap to extend the securing strap around bigger back rests such as in cars

In passenger cars, vans and other types of cars Extension Straps are needed to attach LumbarFit