Ergonomic Active Stool VIVIDSIT

VIVIDSIT follows body movements activating middle body muscles and keeping body spry all work day long. The stool trains unnoticed posture muscles of body.

VIVIDSIT has been tested and developed in cooperation with occupational physiotherapists.

Physiologic basis

Sitter’s centre of gravity is above pelvis and so small movements in all directions or 360° on Vividsit's air cushion activate deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Besides, metabolism of backbone disks increases when surrounding muscles become activated.

Activation of middle body muscles does good to posture and activation of deep muscles helps in problems caused by passive sitting.


Ergonomic benefits

+ Posture becomes better

+ Muscles supporting backbone become stronger

+ Body becomes more stabile and better balanced

+ Back becomes stronger and backaches may be reduced

+ Abdominal muscles become stronger which stimulates digestion

+ Flying-saucer shape of seat has no upright edge that would press on thighs

+ Air cushion and plate under it have been carefully dimensioned so that plate     edge doesn’t press on thighs

+ Thickness of air cushion can be easily adjusted to suite every individual by       increasing or decreasing air. Pump comes with stool.


Other benefits

+ Velcro-fastened air cushion can be easily detached and taken to other               places like meeting rooms

+ Zip of air cushion cover makes it easy to change covers if they become            damaged, dirty etc. or if you just want to change colour.

+ High-quality leatherette cover is very durable. For example scratching with         hard object leaves almost no visible trace.



Technical specification

Air cushion seat Dia. 38 cm
Velcro-fastened to underplate for easy detachment
Cover of air cushion  With zip, easily changeable
High-quality leatherette, very durable, stands well scratching and detergents containing alcohol
3 colours: black, red and grey 
Pump with valve needle            For adjustment of air cushion thickness
Height adjustment  By all-around ring 
Alternatively 43-53 cm, 52-69 cm, 53-74 cm or 62-87 cm depending on gas spring length

Gas springs High quality, according to  
- European DIN norm
- German TÛV norm
Base                         Dia. 48 cm, polished aluminium
Castors                     Dia. 60 mm, for hard floors as standard
Also available 
- dia. 50 mm castors for soft floors
- floor caps

Product codes


Ergonomic Active Stool VIVIDSIT, height adjustment 43-53 cm


Ergonomic Active Stool VIVIDSIT, height adjustment 52-69 cm


Ergonomic Active Stool VIVIDSIT, height adjustment 53-74 cm


Ergonomic Active Stool VIVIDSIT, height adjustment 62-87 cm

In above stool codes xx according to colour:

xx = 06 black

xx = 01 red

xx = 03 grey


Replacement covers

16212-01   red

16212-03   grey

16212-06   black





Zip-up seat covers are available in 3 colours and easy to change

Velcro-fastening for easy detachment of air cushion.

Thickness of air cushion seat can be adjusted by pump and valve needle coming with stool