Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT

Maintains straight wrist posture when used with Forearm Rest or

Wrist/Palm Rest

Ergonomic benefits

+ UPLIFT raises hand to ergonomically better position, avoiding the wrist from bending down from Forearm and Wrist/Palm Rest.

Raised Mouse Mats must not be exactly as high as Forearm Rest or Wrist/Palm Rest. First, both types of padded Rests give in under arms and hands. Secondly, the grip on mice is a bit higher than their bottoms against Mouse Mats.

+ Two heights available to better suite each case.


Technical specification

Dimensions   18 x 22 cm

Bottom           non-slip material

Product codes

11200 - Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT, 11 mm high

11201 - Raised Mouse Mat UPLIFT, 16 mm high

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