Desk Lamp Bilbao

Reduced eye strain, headache and drowsiness through elimination of flickering and many other ways.

Usual lighting produces flickering that is consciously hardly noticed but which causes eye strain.

Ergonomic benefits

  • + Reduced eye strain, headache and drowsiness.

  • + No flickering.

  • + High illuminance level: 1300 lux.

  • + Provides more light than 100 W conventional bulb or 20 W fluorescent tube.

  • + Vertical edge around and under the LED module reduces glare and disturbing reflections to the eyes and on the computer screen

  • + Plexiglass under LEDs changes spotlight-like lights to one even light.

  • + Daylight technology (5600 K) enhances the contrast between black and white on paper, making reading easier.

  • + The shade can be twisted around as well as being turned to direct the light to the desired direction.

Other benefits

  • + Long 3-joint lamp arm allows versatile adjustments. Joint-tightening is effected without any tools by using thumb screws.

  • + LED lights save energy and have a long lifetime.

  • + The small (Ø 40 mm) chromed shade top can be twisted for use as a mirror (make-up etc.)

  • + Stylish design

Technical specifications

LED module6 Watt
Illuminance1300 lux
Luminous flux370 lm
Voltage230 V/50 Hz
DimensionsMax. height 925 mm
Arm length 740 mm
Shade Ø 120 mm
Weighted base Ø 190 mm
Weight2.2 kg
Cable2 m
Guarantee2 years
Product code

14014.1 - Desk Lamp Bilbao

desk lamp = desktop lamp = desk light = task light
tischlampe = tischleuchte
skrivbordslampa = skrivbordsbelysning = bordslampa