Document Stand SIMPLE

Sturdy stand with wide platform for two sheets of paper side by side

Ergonomic benefits

  • + The SIMPLE Document Stand can be placed in the ideal ergonomic position between the screen and the keyboard, permitting the eyes to scan in a straight line from the keyboard to the document stand to the screen, and thus minimising sideways movements of the head and eyes.

  • + Reduction of eye and neck fatigue.

  • + Matt coating to avoid disturbing reflections.

Other benefits

  • + Large platform can take two A4 documents side by side.

  • + Stepless inclination adjustment.

  • + Durable and stabile steel construction.

  • + Sliding ruler with an extra-powerful magnet.

  • + The ruler magnet can be placed on either the right or left side, or the ruler can be completely removed if necessary.


375x260 mm

Product code

13004 - Document Stand SIMPLE

Hint of use

If you want to put also folders every now and then on the Stand we recommend to use the model Bindoc.

Accessories for additional benefits

Side Extension Plate - 13007

The Side Extension Plate (370 x 260 mm) makes it possible to place up to 3-4 A4 pages on the document stand. Slides on platform. Attaches easily without tools.

Extra-wide Lip - 13006
Extra-wide Lip (60 mm) for large piles of paper, big books, etc.  Attaches easily without tools.

Attachment of accessories

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copyholder = copy holder = copy stand = document stand = document holder = copy stand
konzepthalter = dokumentenhalter
koncepthållare = manushållare