Chairmats Bonoca
of polycarbonate

Bonoca Chairmats are eco-alternative plastic mats for hard surfaces (such as hard woods, tile, linoleum, vinyl and marble) and low-pile carpets.

Ergonomic benefit

  • + Rolling on Chairmats with office chairs requires less effort than without them on low-pile carpets, and thus reduces tension in legs and back.

Other benefits

  • + The Bonoca Mat protects floors and carpets from castor imprint marks, scratches etc. caused by rolling on them with your office chair

  • + Special anti-slip foil under Bonoca Mats ensure they stay in place.

  • + Bonoca Mats are also suitable for use on heated floors without deformation.

  • + The superior polycarbonate material offers many benefits over other plastics, such as high transparency, high impact resistance, absence of odor and high temperature resistance.

  • Environmental-friendliness


  • + 100% recyclable

  • + If it is not recycled the superior useful lifetime nevertheless reduces landfill usage.

  • Hints for other uses

  • -  Bonoca Mat can be used to protect floors and carpets from stains; for example in front of coffee vending machines.
  • -  Bonoca Mat can be used to protect floors and carpets in heavy traffic areas, (e.g. entrance areas.)

Technical specifications

100 x 120 cm
120 x 150 cm
Thickness1.8 mm
Suitabilityfor hard floors and low-pile carpets
Heat resistance    up to 125-140 °C
Guarantee2 years for manufacturer's defects

Product codes

17000 -  Chairmat Bonoca, polycarbonate 100 x 120 cm
17010 -Chairmat Bonoca, polycarbonate 120 x 150 cm

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