Cable Grip Holdirex

Secure and release cables without effort

Ergonomic benefit

  • + Groping around in an uncomfortable position under the desk to secure and release cables is reduced to a minimum, and is easy and quick : no opening and closing of loops – the cables are simply pressed between the loops, not inside them

Other benefits

  • + 7 interspaces for cables. Depending on the cable diameters you can place one or more cables in each interspace. The interspaces can also take cable hoses such as CablEater and similar of smaller diameters

  • + Loops are easily detachable to provide space for bigger cable bundles or hoses

  • + They Can be fixed under desks, on ceilings and walls – for both horizontally and vertically running cables

  • + Two alternatives for fixing:
    4 screws for heavier loads or 2 screws at Cable Grip ends for lighter loads – 50% less fixing work!

  • + Stylish rounded-shape design

  • + All-recyclable: the whole product (loops and frame) uses the same plastic; thus recycling is easier by eliminating the need to sort loops and frames into two categories. The product may be safely used as fuel.

  • + Holdirex is not dangerous to the environment. It can safely be landfilled as it generates no leachate. It is compatible with many EU directives such as 2002/95/EC (RoHS)

Fire safety

  • + The product burns but is not classified as flammable. When burning, the product does not release any halogens that could form hazardous gases

Hint of use

  • + Holdirex is well-suited to be used in conjunction with Cable Basket Caba, where heavier objects, such as junction boxes and transformers, can be placed.

Product Code

15016-06 | Cable Grip Holdirex, black

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cable grip = cable holder = cable clips = cable clamp